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3.44/5 - (149 Votes)

A Comedy, Crime movie released on May 15, 2009 in USA. Starring Brian Graham, Casey Sander, Gary Sievers, Helen Slayton-Hughes, Jean St James, Jeanne Tripplehorn, JK Simmons, John Hayden, Jon Gries, Julie Bowen, Karle Warren, Kate Clarke, Kelsey Grammer, Malcolm Goodwin, Meeghan Holaway, Paul Grace, Ray Liotta, Robert Baker, Scarlett Chorvat, Sigourney Weaver, Tahmus Rounds, Tim Allen, Tommy Gerrits, Vanessa Ross, W.

Release Date: May 15, 2009
Year: 2010
Runtime:96 min
IMDb Rating:
I thought this was going to be more of a laugh your ass off comedies, but that was not to be. Now, I am not saying the movie is bad, and it does have its moments with good comedy. But "Crazy on the Outside" is more of a warm story movie. There is something heartfelt to the story. And the build up and turns in the story are nice, especially the way the story progresses around the lies. The acting in the movie was really good, on everyones part. And good to see marvelous performances from Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Ray Liotta, as usual. Actually nice to see Allen and Liotta back in a movie together. And with only supporting roles, Weaver and Liotta does one heck of a job with their roles. If you are expecting an all-out laugh your ass off comedy, this is not the movie to pick. But I think people should watch this movie at least once, because it is quite nice.